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Attractions & Activities

In addition to seeing all the dinosaurs, you also get access to the activities and attractions shown below.
Stationary Dino Rides

This event has many different Species of dinosaurs to ride. Pick your favorite or ride them all. They will ROAR and move but your child will probably not get eaten!

Bounce Houses

Let your little one pretend for a while and have some fun in one of the many bounce houses at the event. They will sleep like a baby tonight after this.

Great Photo Opportunities

There are several of America's Favorite Dinosaur Photo Opportunities located throughout the event.

Interactive Baby Dinos

Our interactive Baby Dinosaurs are a fan favorite for sure! Some of our babies are shy, while other are pretty mischievous. Kids always find their favorite!

Interactive Walking Dinos

Our interactive walking dinosaurs are on the loose around the event looking for kids to play with.

Bonus Ice Age Creatures!

You'll also see amazingly HUGE Saber tooth tigers and other Ice Age creatures as a bonus!

Premium Activities

No items found.

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